Historic Maps Site Help

Navigating and Exploring Maps

The map is the main part of the Map Explorer. You can zoom in and out to see different levels of detail and pan around to see different locations. You can find places, coordinates and addresses and even share what you can see with friends.

There are several ways to move around detailed below:


In order to pan the map, click the left mouse button and drag the map in the direction you want to move it.

You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboad to move the map.

Zooming in and out

1. Roll the mouse wheel forward or away from you to zoom the map in or out at the location of the mouse cursor.

2. Press the + key to zoom in at center of map and the - key to zoom out at the center of the map.

3. You can also double-click the left mouse button on a point of interest to zoom in.

4. Press Shift and click and drag to draw a rectangle around an area and zoom in. To zoom out, press Alt and Shift when drawing the rectangle.

Centering the Map

Press Shift and click map to recenter on clicked location or double-click map to recenter and zoom in at clicked location.