1988 Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs of Norfolk in 1988
NCC1988 example


The 1988 aerial survey was commissioned by Norfolk County Council (Department of Planning and Property) and carried out in the summer of that year by BKS Surveys Ltd. This was a time when much new development was being planned, and the aerial survey provided an up-to-date vertical picture of the whole of Norfolk. Prints at a scale of 1:10,000, in colour and with overlapping images for stereoscopic viewing, formed an invaluable supplement to the Ordnance Survey maps available at that time.

Copies of the photographs were sold to other organizations, including the District Councils, the University of East Anglia and Anglian Water, and members of the public could purchase individual prints. A brochure marketing the collection was distributed through Norfolk Libraries.

At one point, Special Branch aired concerns about the photographs showing 'sensitive' sites such as Norwich Prison, RAF bases in Norfolk and Sandringham, when it was realised that the survey company BKS Surveys Ltd was based in Northern Ireland. A 'D Notice' was imposed on these.

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